The Sale Process

Blackbird & Wren will  provide you with a realistic, well-evidenced Comparative Market Appraisal (‘CMA’) giving you an indication of the market value of your property.

We consider the following:

  • Location, market data & wider market trends
  • Recent sales of similar properties & comparable properties currently on the market

In addition to individual aspects including:

  • Size of property
  • Number of bedrooms, bathrooms & car spaces
  • Appearance & appeal
  • Design & overall condition of the interior
  • Additional amenities (ie. shed, pool)
  • Proximity to amenities (ie. transport, shops, schools & parks)
  • Any improvements or updates completed since purchase
  • Any applicable zoning considerations and/or restrictions

We agree the terms of the contract between us and yourselves.

This contract outlines the cost of marketing, the length of the agreement, and the fees payable.

We need to get all the paperwork out of the way, so we can really get started!

Every agent will offer a ‘plan’ to sell your property, but the question you need to be asking yourself is; is this a one-size-fits-all plan they use to sell every property?

For us no two properties are the same, with each requiring a bespoke, tailored plan & strategy to suit both the property and your personal situation.

This includes the recommendation for auction, or private sale, marketing approach, timelines for the campaign, messaging for the campaign, advertising suggestions and targeted contact lists.

We start with the buyer in mind first. Who is it? Where do they currently live? What will they love about the property & why will they want to buy it.

Preparation is everything!

We’ll give you tips, and recommendations, on what you can do to prepare your property for sale – from maintenance to general presentation and everything in between.

We’ll arrange professional photographers & videographers to capture your property’s best features – giving you the best chance of attracting a wider buyer audience.

Images are powerful and we understand how important they are to the ‘value’ of a property.

This is why we ensure every property has magazine-quality photographs taken that truly capture the essence, lifestyle, personality, and features.

Capturing not only the eyes but also the heart, video offers an even more personalised, immersive & emotional experience for the buyer.

It perfectly engages and ignites the emotions of potential buyers, and showcases your property is a way which creates a stronger potential buyer attachment.

In addition to attracting ‘new’ prospective purchasers (via mass-media marketing) we also circulate your property directly to our extensive database of buyers, and contact people within our network of contacts who we know are ready to buy.

We will recommend and implement a custom-designed highly-targeted ‘mass media’ marketing campaign that best fits you, your property and the target audience.

Our aim is to create an advertising campaign across numerous channels that will optimise reach to your target audience – combining a market-leading mixture of online, print and press advertising.

We recommend a schedule for inspections.

This may be classic Saturday opens, inspection by private appointment only, or a mixture of both.

Irrespective our aim is to maximise the eyes on your property so as to maximise the number of people coming through the door!

More interest = higher offers, faster!

We guide you through setting the reserve for your property along with strategies if the property happens to get passed in.

We manage all the negotiations on your behalf, taking away the personal emotion connected to the home and focus on getting you the best possible result on the day.

We manage all pre-settlement queries and we are responsible for passing the keys onto the new owner of the property.

For a FREE Market Appraisal or Sales Strategy Session for your property, contact us using the form below and we’ll contact you personally


Sold Properties



9 City Views, Sunbury

SOLD - $1,720,000






141 Belleview Drive, Sunbury

SOLD - $1,150,000






8 Churchill Place, Sunbury

SOLD - $1,075,000





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